Learning to love yourself

I know that life can get a bit heavy sometimes. And I know that it can sometimes feel like you’re fighting a never ending battle with yourself when trying to love who you are. Confidence and self acceptance is hard work and it doesn’t just appear over night. It takes dedication, commitment and time. 1.Continue reading “Learning to love yourself”

Learning to live with a mental health condition

Hello beautiful people. I’m back after 5 months away from writing..although it has felt like a lifetime! This post is to help you. However, I just want to quickly revisit my story for the people that have followed and supported me from the start. Then we can move forward together. I had a break fromContinue reading “Learning to live with a mental health condition”

5 ways to believe in yourself

Acknowledge the good and bad things about yourself to improve.  We are so quick to notice all of the traits that we don’t like about ourselves, but never the good. It’s important to give yourself a pat on the back from time to time. Mental strength comes from determination that you will fight off negativeContinue reading “5 ways to believe in yourself”

Getting through heartbreak- the worst part

The ending of a relationship is devastating. Whether you had to walk away from a toxic situation or somebody has walked away from you, it doesn’t mean that it hurts any less. As somebody who is currently experiencing these emotions, I want to let you know that you’re not going through this on your own.Continue reading “Getting through heartbreak- the worst part”

2019 is going to be your year!

As another year draws to a close, it’s time to ensure you go into 2019 with a bright and positive mental attitude. I know that it can sometimes feel like you’re stuck in a massive rut that you can’t get out of, but whatever your circumstances were this year, you can make 2019 better. So,Continue reading “2019 is going to be your year!”

You will get your dream & you will succeed

It’s okay to battle with your dreams and goals. There is nothing wrong with having an authentic, difficult and genuine relationship with what you’re passionate about. I know that we are always fed the “rags to riches” story.  The “luck” story. The “I had a dream when I was younger and my determination has gotContinue reading “You will get your dream & you will succeed”

Advice us girls in our 20’s should take

1. Embrace the journey of self discovery.   Discovering who we are as young women is exciting! It can sometimes feel like we have to rush the process of knowing exactly who we are and what we want out of life, but actually, the journey of finding ourselves should be celebrated and enjoyed. 2. Never be afraidContinue reading “Advice us girls in our 20’s should take”