Advice us girls in our 20’s should take

1. Embrace the journey of self discovery.   Discovering who we are as young women is exciting! It can sometimes feel like we have to rush the process of knowing exactly who we are and what we want out of life, but actually, the journey of finding ourselves should be celebrated and enjoyed. 2. Never be afraidContinue reading “Advice us girls in our 20’s should take”

Is love island destroying teens mental health?

So it’s that time of year again! One of the biggest shows on ITV2 is midway through its fourth season, breaking records and reeling in over 3.4 million views for the launch. There is no denying that most of us can’t help but love the endless amounts of drama, the lingering sound of somebody shouting “I’VE GOTContinue reading “Is love island destroying teens mental health?”

Ultimate girls night in films from the 00’s

Feeling a bit down? Grab some popcorn, your duvet, a cosy pair of pj’s and few girl friends (or just yourself) and indulge in some of these nostalgic feel good chick flicks. The perfect cheer up remedy. Here are my top 20 picks. 1. Mean girls- Because what girl from our generation doesn’t know allContinue reading “Ultimate girls night in films from the 00’s”

What actually is depression and anxiety?

The terms ‘Depression’ and ‘Anxiety’ are passed around without many people completely understanding what they mean. I think that it’s essential to explain the definitions in a little bit more detail to allow you to understand the conditions and how your mind works. When you learn the fascinating little wires of your brain and whyContinue reading “What actually is depression and anxiety?”

Moving on and being single

After some self-reflection and giving myself a moment to just be still, I’ve discovered a few things about the journey of moving on and being single. Hope you take something from this too. MOVING ON DOESN’T HAVE TO MEAN MEETING SOMEBODY NEW I was under the impression that to move on properly from my ex,Continue reading “Moving on and being single”