5 ways to believe in yourself

Acknowledge the good and bad things about yourself to improve. 

We are so quick to notice all of the traits that we don’t like about ourselves, but never the good. It’s important to give yourself a pat on the back from time to time. Mental strength comes from determination that you will fight off negative thoughts, no matter how hard it might seem to do. Don’t keep telling yourself that you’re shit!

Confidence & self growth and progression comes from believing that you can achieve things. So, start applauding yourself and complimenting yourself when you deserve it. Turn that voice down in your mind that tells you everything about you is rubbish. Start thinking: What makes you a good person? What do you like about yourself? What do other people compliment you on? What makes you feel confident? How can I improve by using my positives to help me with my weaknesses?

Use criticism/pain in your life to make you stronger, not weaker. 

Life can be unfair sometimes. Whether it’s people trying to bring you down, or unpredictable situations that cause pain that you just don’t know how to move forward from. Circumstances can affect our confidence when we feel vulnerable or hurt. Don’t take the memories that haunt you and let them consume you negatively. Use them to make you become stronger, and be confident in the idea of believing in yourself and capability. Use your pain in a focused way to drive you to success. Pain can either destroy you or help you grow. You get to make that choice. 

Surround yourself with motivational energy (music, videos, books, television, people).

Positive energy + positive thoughts = positive attraction. The more positivity you surround yourself with, the brighter you will feel in general. Watching motivational videos/films, listening to upbeat music, reading motivational books and so on, will give you boosts throughout the day to remain hopeful in life and therefore, slightly more hopeful with your own abilities. Also, If there are people around you that are supporting you and reminding you that you can do something, you will start to believe in it and yourself a little bit more. Place yourself in the middle of a supportive ‘I can do this’ circle. But remember that you don’t NEED other people. You can do it alone, with a good mindset and determination to feel confident. 

Create a routine that you stick to. 

To believe in yourself, prove to yourself that you can do something that you set your mind to. Create a structure that will help you with your confidence- and stick to it! For example, go to the gym on your set days. Do your studies or work when you are supposed to. Eat healthy foods that you have planned for the week. Create some goals and just do it! Show yourself that even if you have fallbacks, you can still get back up and make yourself proud. Routine is good for the mindset. The more you surprise yourself by delivering results, the more belief you will gain in yourself. 

Don’t crumble when times get tough. 

You might have some bad days that you feel you can’t get back from. Your thoughts might haunt you and whisper to you that you’re not good enough and you can’t do something. But the most important thing is to keep fighting every single day. Keep getting back up, brushing yourself down and trying again. Because as long as you are trying as hard as you possibly can, you should be proud of yourself. And the belief is always deep within you, remember that.

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