another panic attack

another day of fighting the demons alone


my heart breaks a little bit more each time

that i think of a life without you.



i lie in bed with tears streaming down my eyes

whilst my heart bleeds and calls out your name

but i get no answer,

and even if i did

then i wouldn’t reply


i wouldn’t know what to say to the pain in your bloodshot eyes.



i hate that i love to need you 

and my body aches



my soul pleads

to forget this war of us against the world.



we have finally put down our weapons

and stopped trying to heal each others wounds

because we know that we need to focus on our own,

even though we don’t want to.



i pray that you find peace

and i pray that i find peace.



it’s a tragedy 

and i’m sorry that i couldn’t save you

and i’m sorry that you couldn’t save me

from the devil


i want to runaway 

or never wake up again 

because i’m already dead

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