Thought of the week

The media feeds us a false perception of what we should look like, and if we don’t start becoming strong enough to ignore the pressure then we will destroy ourselves with never feeling good enough. 

The images that you see on social media, on TV, or in the magazine, are not real. 

The images that make you feel shit about yourself and want to change how you look are not real.

We’re all partly to blame. We get sucked into the egotistical world of wanting to look good enough. We want to be approved by others because we can’t approve of ourselves. So we post images that don’t represent who we truly are and we make our insecurities worse by falling into the medias shitty, false, lying, manipulative hands. Fuck filters. Fuck airbrushing. 

And do you know what else isn’t real? that feeling you get when you walk past somebody and you wished you looked like them. That’s a person who feels the same as you. A person who is trying to change themselves because they don’t feel good enough. We’re so quick to hate ourselves and we’re all giving ourselves a hard time so we never have the moment to feel genuinely beautiful.

But IT’S ALL LIES. Our insecurities are telling us lies. 

The sooner we start to realise that we are fucking beautiful and enough exactly as we are, the better.

We can put our heads up and own every bit of skin that we’re in without feeling ashamed. We don’t need to change a thing about ourselves. When are we going to start realising that??

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"keep it real, be yourself and love every second"

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