You will get your dream & you will succeed

It’s okay to battle with your dreams and goals. There is nothing wrong with having an authentic, difficult and genuine relationship with what you’re passionate about.

I know that we are always fed the “rags to riches” story.  The “luck” story. The “I had a dream when I was younger and my determination has got me to where I am today” story. But don’t drown in the fairytale story of other peoples success. One of the biggest mistakes we can make is to compare our visions to others.

We believe that it should be easy. That we should be in love with our dreams and never give up. Yes, to succeed, we can’t give up, but who said that we can’t have fall backs? Who said that we can’t fall in and out of love with what we want to achieve? That we can’t lose faith in the end goal sometimes?

We would be naive to hear other peoples stories and believe that they have had a smooth and easy process. This is why we need to be more realistic with ourselves and others about what we are doing. We should talk about our struggles. The bad days matter too.

There are times when it feels like it’s easier to just give up on your dream. Trust me, I know. I’ve been there a thousand times before. I know that I have days where I give up on what I love. I feel angry that I haven’t got to where I want to be. I give up on the blog, my writing, my creativity. I give up on myself and everything. I don’t try for months. I feel worthless and not good enough to succeed. And that’s okay and not something i’m ashamed of. I don’t always work as hard as what I should do but that doesn’t mean that I have any less of a dream. It just means that life and darkness gets in the way. 

But then I have the good days. The days where I feel the tingle run through my body when I get an idea and I’m discussing it with somebody else. The rush that I get when I’m creating and doing something that I love, when time just passes by and I don’t even realise. The feeling of fulfilment when I’ve made somebody feel something through my writing or provoked a thought. The emotional expression and feeling of release after a project.

When I’m having a good day, the vision of where I can take my work is unstoppable. The light that beams inside of me is something that can’t be replaced. That’s the passion. The dream.

If you have that spark inside of you, you will make it. No matter how long it takes, you will get there. But know that it’s okay to struggle sometimes. Not everyday is going to feel like a dream. Some days, it might feel like a nightmare. But if you are born to do something, then you will make it. You will find your dream searching for you too, and all of them hard days will be worth it.

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