Advice us girls in our 20’s should take

1. Embrace the journey of self discovery.  

Discovering who we are as young women is exciting! It can sometimes feel like we have to rush the process of knowing exactly who we are and what we want out of life, but actually, the journey of finding ourselves should be celebrated and enjoyed.

2. Never be afraid of cutting toxic people out of your life. 

People change. Life changes, And sometimes, we realise that we deserve better than what the people around us are giving us. It can feel lonely when we decide to cut people off, but remember that doing this leaves room for the right people to come into our lives.

3. Eat that donut and don’t feel guilty for it. 

Let’s eat it with a smile on our face and enjoy every bite. There’s enough shit going on in the world, so let’s just do it. (But obviously not too many donuts so we have to roll through the door).

4. Laugh until you can’t breathe. 

5. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

Fuck what other people are doing. We are doing great and our life journey is completely unique and special. We need to try not to get caught up in putting too much pressure on ourselves by comparing other people’s lives to our own.

6. Sometimes take a break from social media and just ‘do you boo’.

We all need some ‘me time’ sometimes, and social media can be the devil when we aren’t feeling great. So remember that the internet isn’t always real and to spend time away too. 

7.  Don’t have regrets. Only look forward, 

Tomorrow is a new day and everything happens for a reason. So don’t look back. 

8. Never let anybody tell you that you can’t achieve your dreams.

One day all of the hard work will pay off. Prove the haters wrong.

9. Now and again, turn the TV off and read a good book. Let the story take you to another world.  

10. Be brave. Speak your truth and stand up for what you believe in. 

As young women, we should be proud of our beliefs and opinions. If there is something that we feel needs to be said, we should speak out. Even if our voice shakes.

11. Never stop trying to learn new things. 

12. Experiment! If you can’t do it in your 20’s then when can you do it?!

13. Don’t let others intimidate you because you’re younger/older than them. 

We are boss ass bitches who can hold ourselves in a respectful ,confident and graceful manner in any situation. 

14. Focus on having a good time rather than how you look doing it. 

Because when we’re older, we aren’t going to be thinking of what clothes we were wearing, or what make up we had on when we look back at a memory. We are going to be thinking of the feeling that it gave us. In the end, that’s all that really matters. 

15. Don’t let men take advantage of you. Be with a man who treats you like a Queen. 

We deserve to be treated how we treat others. We deserve the world. 

16. Learn to fall in love with yourself.

We are the only ones who can give ourselves true unconditional happiness by loving ourselves. 

17. Don’t take people for granted. 

18. Never apologise for how you feel. 

19. It’s never too late.

20. Don’t rush. Take the pressure off yourself and just enjoy right now. 

Whatever stage you’re at in your life is absolutely fine. Don’t rush ahead. Know that everything is okay just the way that it is.

There is so much time. Don’t waste it worrying. 



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