The rain was pouring down outside. Puddles had started to form and the breeze was becoming colder. It wasn’t uncomfortable though. It was the kind of weather that was perfect for sitting in a coffee shop and listening to mellow ‘Sunday afternoon’ songs.

A group of elderly people with their shopping trolleys and waterproof raincoats on walked into the store, followed by a care assistant. I took a sip of my coffee and gave them a smile. They would be waiting for the rain to pass, no doubt.

As my eyes wandered around, I found myself gazing out of the window. There’s something therapeutic about watching people and the world passing by.

A busy mother was jogging to the bus stop pushing her youngest child in a pram whilst her other child was trying to keep hold of her hand and rushing along beside her. She had a glint in her eye. As if the rain had washed away all her stress and sleepless nights.

A couple walked past under an umbrella, clearly still in the honeymoon period. They were linking arms and enjoying the romance of keeping each other warm. It was refreshingly cringe worthy.

A young teenager in his retail uniform was swiftly walking back from his work break. He was probably late. He had his hood up and this inquisitive look in his eyes. Like he had so many questions to ask about the world, his future and where he was going to end up. He was treading in all the puddles which made me feel a sense of freedom. Like it was okay to break the rules.

A few businesswomen holding their overly priced handbags hurriedly rushed past. They probably had a meeting to attend to or something that was over the top and pretentious.

That’s when it happened.

The background music and quiet muffled conversations of the coffee shop disappeared. Everything stopped for a moment. Even my heart.

You walked in, blissfully unaware of your beauty and caught my eye. You smiled at me and that’s when I knew. You were the one.

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