Things to remember

You can save yourself. You can change yourself and your life for the better by remembering a few small things.

1. The world never changes, it’s just you and your thoughts. Everything is still as wonderful as when you were a child, I promise.
2. The people around you can have a strong impact on your mindset. So choose wisely!
3. You really, genuinely are loved. Even when you think that you aren’t.
4. The way that people portray themselves on social media, isn’t always the truth. Nobody is having a better time than you.
5. The bad thoughts that you think about yourself aren’t true.
6. To be confident in every day life, you have to feel relaxed and content within yourself by placing yourself in positive situations.
7. It’s important to be around like minded people.
8. Being helpful and kind is always healing for the soul.
9. The choices that you make and the places that you go to will build you into the person that you are. Consider this.
10. Positive thoughts= Positive attraction
11. You are still the person that you wish that you once was.
12. You can box up past events and place them to the back of your mind.
13. The future is full of excitement and opportunity.
14. The present is to be cherished and appreciated. It truly is a gift.
15. No situation is a big deal. It’s the over thinking that makes it one.
16. Happiness is something that you create. So, it’s only you who can make you feel happy or sad.
17. Creativity is healing.
18. Nature is healing. And so is being outside.
19. Being genuine and honest is everything.
20. Water is good for you.
21. Exercising helps stimulate your brain and ideas.
22. Reading opens your imagination and allows you to think outside the box.
23. Complimenting others makes you feel good.
24. You should be proud of who you are.
25. Upbeat music is the key to a good mood.
26. If you are passionate about something, do it every day. That is how you become successful.
27. Confrontation fixes no problems.
28. Smoking, drugs and alcohol are toxic and attract toxic situations and thoughts.
29. You will feel more positive in life when you learn to accept to be comfortable in your own skin.
30. Laughter is the best medicine. Positive laughter, not laughter at others expense.
31. A tidy space= a tidy mind.

I’ll leave you with a late night thought I had.

There is no start, no end.
Just mere satisfaction that the process lasts forever.
The journey is everything.
​The journey never ends.
Regardless of circumstances, love will always win.

Love lasts forever.
It always finds you.
And it always keeps the journey alive.
​So when all hope is lost, know that love will find you.
​It will find you and enter your heart again.

​Just open your soul and believe in the love around you.
Close your eyes and listen to the love.

It has always been there- it never left you.

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