Things my mama taught me

I can’t explain how thankful I am for the woman that my mother is. She has literally been the most amazing role model and has consistently put me first regardless of anything that is happening in her life. She is such an inspiration. I know that not everybody is as lucky as me, so I feel like I need to broadcast my appreciation for her love. She has brought me up amazingly and taught me how to be a young lady and handle myself in life struggles. The list of lessons that she has taught me so far is endless, but here are my favourite.

– Knowledge is power.

– You can’t buy class.

– Be kind to those who are horrible to you.

– Money can’t buy love.

– You’ll never know unless you try.

– You dont need a man to be a strong woman.

– You can make any present look pretty with some ribbon and scissors.

– You can achieve any goal that you want to, and if you don’t achieve it- that’s okay too.

– Don’t judge people.

– My dance moves may have come from her. MAY have. haha.

– You really weren’t missing out on anything when you wasn’t allowed out.

– Push yourself out of your comfort zone.

​- Education is important.

​- Spread kindness.

– You always feel better when you get up and dressed.

– You can create positive energy.

– Admit when you are in the wrong, apologise and move on.

– Don’t allow somebody that doesn’t care about you to upset you.

– It’s okay to make mistakes.

– A tidy room = a tidy mind.

– Family time is important.

– Karma is a thing.

– Nobody can pack a suitcase like a mum can.

– Always wear perfume and moisturise.

– Take any opportunity that is presented to you.

​- It’s the little things that are most important.

– Make as many memories as you can.

– Dont allow anybody to force you into doing something.

– Tidying up makes you feel better.

​- ALWAYS take pride in your appearance and cleanliness.

– Having a bath, lighting a candle and an incense stick solves pretty much any problem.

– If you don’t like something, change it.

– Every problem is fixable.

​- Creativity is important.

– Making your own dinner is never the same.

– Having windows open and having fresh air is always a good idea.

– Have manners.

– Make people cups of tea. It makes them smile.

– Not everybody that you think is your friend, actually is.

– You are worthy of respect.

– There is nothing wrong with being boring sometimes.

​- Coffee shop visits with your mum will always be the most enjoyable.

​- Reading is good for you.

– People that tell lies always get found out in the end without you even having to try.

– You’re never too old for a Disney film.

– Believing in yourself is important.

– It is the law to have a snowball at Christmas.

​- Spirituality is good for the soul.

– Don’t give up on relationships that matter to you.

– Don’t beat yourself up when things go wrong. Just start again.

– Do what makes you happy. Always.

– People who love you will love your flaws too.

​- Make the most of your life.

– Home is where your family are.

– A mothers love is infinite.

Dont get me wrong, there are a million more things that my mum has taught me. This isn’t even scratching the surface. But these are just some that make me happy.

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