The lake

The water gently rippled along in time with my hair blowing in the breeze. Every so often, it would glisten from the reflection of the sunlight and made art with the never-ending colours of the sky.

The water sang to me. It often did. With each movement and each slight change in the wind, it played a harmonious tune. It was my friend, my companion.

I took off my sandals and made my way to the edge of the lake. The grass upon my bare feet comforted me. The smell of rejuvenation was wrapping itself around me and inviting me to bathe in it. I took off my shirt so I was left in my vest and shorts. I paused for a moment and danced with time.

I was safe.

Then, I flew into the water. The sound of my skin swirling and creating waves reminded me that I was alive. I pushed myself underneath the water and jumped up flicking my hair backwards. I was clean. My troubles were washing away.

I swam to the edge and picked up a rock. I loved how it felt in the water. Perfection.
I softly glided the rock in my hand along the surface of the water and created a pattern of curls and swirls. Then, I let it go.

I leant back and floated with the water for a while. I could hear the echoes of the underwater life amongst my ears. It sang. I loved how the water sat just above my hairline and trickled backwards and forwards. I looked up towards the sky. The sun was beginning to set.

I felt refreshed, for the first time in my life. I was clean.

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