Sunday morning

The warm smell of coffee and bacon glides through the house and the sound of the music on the radio dances with the chilled breeze from the open window.

There is a sense of contentment and purity in the air, like there is nothing better than the current moment.

I adjust the volume on the radio so it’s a little bit louder and walk into the bathroom. The water running from the shower is now steaming hot. Perfect. I take my freshly cleaned towel out of the cupboard and place it on the heated rails. It will be waiting to greet me after I allow the water to refresh me and erase any negativity from the week.

As I stand in the shower, the steam surrounds me and massages my freshly cleaned body. I close my eyes and push my head back as the water trickles down my face and warms me up. I can slightly hear the muffled Ed Sheeran song that is playing on the radio over the sound of the water. I sing along to the words. This is my favourite song. There is a chilled breeze outside of the shower, but underneath this waterfall, I am warm and safe. Today is going to be a good day.

Eventually, I leave the shower, dry myself and get dressed. I stand in front of the mirror in my room and smile. I sit down on my new, crisp bedsheets to put on my shoes. As I lean forward to place them on, I feel my soft hair brushing in front of my face. It smells sweet from the new conditioner I used. I will buy that one again, I think to myself.

Now ready to leave, I spray some of my coconut perfume onto my wrists and grab my jacket. Ready.

I lock the door and step outside but something makes me stop for a moment. I close my eyes and feel the refreshingly cold breeze stroke my cheeks and comfort me like an old friend. I breathe in the sunlight deeply and reopen my eyes with a fresh perspective. The trees dance in the wind and remind me of all the secrets of the Earth. The clouds paint art in the sky and remind me that I’m never alone. The air is filled and combined with the beauty of laughter, tears, memories, excitement, experience, anticipation, pain and opportunity. I bathe in the life of a Sunday Morning and then start my day.

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