Once in a lifetime love

Have you ever loved somebody so much that it hurts? Everything changes because of them.
It’s like the sun rises and sets just for you to feel their warmth against your skin. You lose yourself in their eyes because you never realised that it was humanely possible to want and need something so much in your life. Their breath becomes your breath. Their heart becomes yours. You no longer live for yourself. You live for the blood running through their veins. You become so completely infatuated with them that it becomes hard to remain sane.

And then they leave.

And the sun still rises but you cant find the warmth of their skin under your pillow. Their eyes become lost in somebody else’s but you still fall asleep to the thought of theirs. Your breath becomes weaker and your heart still beats. But it hurts. Every beat hurts. The blood still runs painfully slow through your veins and you’re still infatuated with the thought of them. And you live the rest of your life waiting for something better. Waiting for somebody to take the pain away. But nobody can fix you. And all you can think about is how that love that will never exist again.

So you just keep waiting.

And it’s still hard to remain sane.

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