No more loneliness

For so long now, I have allowed myself to feel trapped and alone. I have happily welcomed these negative thoughts and emotions into my soul and been consumed by not feeling good enough. I constantly feel let down, used and under appreciated. It hurts feeling like nobody cares about you. It hurts feeling like you’re a burden on people. But, my self pity party stops today.

I think that we all feel lonely to a certain degree. Especially if you’re somebody that cares and gives a lot of emotional support to others. It’s like you put everything that you have into the people around you but then end up with nothing for yourself. I’ve learned that realistically, not many people will give out the same emotional treatment that you do so why put yourself through the pain and heartache?

People will constantly disappoint you. People will constantly let you down. I’m not saying this in a negative or morbid way but it’s a fact of life. Not many people will have your back and be there for you when you need them the most. Which is why you need to make sure that you are there for yourself, giving yourself the love and respect that you deserve.

Don’t put yourself down and tell yourself that you have nobody when you feel lonely. Because the likelihood is, there is somebody that loves and cares about you but you just can’t see that right now. Big yourself up and be kind to yourself. Think positive thoughts and remind yourself that if you try to remain in a positive cycle of thoughts, good things will eventually come to you and this feeling will disappear. Good people and opportunities will come into your life. It will happen.

There are going to be times when you have nobody there for you and yes, they are the shittiest times of all. But, they are the most important. Because this is when we learn about ourselves and teach ourselves to find the inner strength to fight through the heartache of despair and being alone.

Don’t envy what other people have. Don’t log onto social media and look at what everybody else is doing whilst you are alone. Don’t be fooled into thinking that everybody else is living a perfect life. They aren’t. We all go through it.

Just know that this feeling is teaching you a lesson. I know it seems like a pointless lesson. I think that to myself most days. I think ‘Why can’t I have more good people around me who care?’ BUT then I remember that I have my family and i’m lucky for that. It may not be my whole family, but the ones who matter the most, will never leave my side.

So, keep pushing the positive thoughts out of your soul even when it feels like all hope is lost. I know it’s not easy and it may take a bit of time but the more positive you feel, the more content you’ll be with your own company. And once you’re more content with your own company, more opportunities will present themselves to you without you even realising it, I promise.

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