Love is

Love is the sun rising on an early morning as the birds sing to welcome its arrival. Love is the moment that you hold your first baby in your arms and you realise that your heart now beats for them. Love is watching your baby brother or sister take her first steps. Love is when you wait at the arrival gates at the airport for a loved one to come back.

Love is the minutes silence we take to respect every person that has ever fought for our country. Love is eating an ice cream on a hot day as you feel the grass in between your toes. Love is what you can hear if you listen very closely on Christmas eve. Love is putting on your first pair of ballet shoes, football boots, trainers. Love is standing up for what you believe in.

Love is hope. Love is coming home after a long day of hard work and taking off your shoes. Love is your mother combing your hair on your first day of school. Love is not being afraid to go too high on a swing. Love is laughing so hard that you cry. Love is reading a good book and writing a good story. Love is when you wave off your secondary school on your last day. Love is smiling at a stranger. Love is not giving up when you feel like you can’t carry on. Love is confidence. Love is being yourself. Love is your father putting a plaster on your grazed knee and kissing it better. Love is making a friend. Love is when you turn the radio on and your favourite song comes on.

Love is when the stars come out at night and the moon lights up the world. Love is running so fast that you can feel the breeze in your hair. Love is when somebody tells a story and their eyes light up. Love is having faith. Love is having to say goodbye to somebody for the last time. Love is dedication. Love is becoming a grandmother or grandfather, an uncle or an auntie.

Love is sprinkled all over the washing that your mother did. Love is a teacher helping a pupil. Love is a mothers kiss. Love is the flowers growing in the summer and the crunch of your footstep on the leaves in the autumn. Love is missing somebody so much it hurts. Love is chatting to the old woman at the bus stop. Love is being punished by your parents. Love is a mother feeding her child at 3AM. Love is dancing until your feet hurt. Love is when you close your eyes and remember a loved one as they took their last breath. Love is a newborn baby talking for the first time. Love is appreciating what you have. Love is a struggle. Love is the rain falling outside your window when you’re all warm inside. Love is beautiful. Love is everything.

Cherish life.

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