If i could

When you say my name and look at me,
it makes me weak.

I want to dance in the blue of your eyes
and tickle your skin until laughter leaks onto my fingers,
because the sound of your laugh
is a melody that gives me goosebumps every time.

If I could, I would sprinkle your laughter all over the grass outside.
So that each person could hear the rhythm and the movement.
So that each person could hear the beautiful sound of you.

​You are perfection.

And if I could,
I would take the smile from your mouth,
and paint it all over the world
so that others could see how it shines.
So that I wasn’t the only one who was lucky enough to witness it.

And I would erase every single worry in your mind if I could.
So that you could be free
​and fly like a bird
and never have to cry another tear again.
I would make it all go away.

If I could,
​I would tear my heart out and give it to you,
so you could hold my beating heart and feel how much I love you
because words will never be enough.

Published by Never Alone Blog

"keep it real, be yourself and love every second"

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