Beautiful life

I looked up at the colours emerging together in the sky. The candyfloss pale pink entwined with the pastel blue greeted me with a smile. The leaves on the trees swayed gently in the wind as I sat contently with the refreshing breeze as it played with my hair. I couldn’t understand how something could look so beautiful. At that moment, there was something about how flawless the world looked that persuaded me to write in my notebook. This is what it read:

“Dear the tree that I am sitting under,

I wonder how many people sit underneath you on a sunny day and don’t recognise the shade that you provide them with. I must imagine you have seen a lot of beautiful sights: lovers watching the stars and the world go by, flowers growing whilst bathing in the sunlight, a mother and a child sitting eating an ice cream. You have probably seen a lot of tears too, so in that case you’re a good friend for comforting the broken hearted. When a mother looses a child, you provide them with a place to go. Or when a child looses a mother you remind them that they’re not alone. That’s what I like about nature, it never leaves. You have stood here proud long before I sat underneath you, and when my time is up on this earth, you will still remain. I wish you could tell me what things were like before I met you. Did people still forget how to love one another because they’re too wrapped up in things that don’t really matter? Was there a time when everybody was at peace and embraced your beauty or has it always been this way? The clock keeps ticking away and yet somehow, I forget reality as I sit with you. 

Dear the sunset,

How do you manage to create such beautiful colours in the sky and yet everybody takes you for granted? Do you ever imagine what it would be like if the whole world stopped as one and watched you together? Do you think it could create world peace even if it was just for a moment? Do you feel proud when a person gets to see you for the last time because they’re time on the earth is almost over? I wonder if you know how much happiness you bring to us, how many memories you create.”

I put my pen down and closed my eyes. I had never been the religious type but in that very second, I knew that these things had been created with love and care. That an energy in the trees and the sunset had been sitting with me the whole time beaming with pride because I had finally noticed the beauty.

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