12 things to smile about

So, it’s been a while since i’ve posted something written, but i’m back!

I think because I left it for a while, I somehow managed to convince myself into believing that I no longer had the ability to write properly. Don’t ask. I’ve had a lot of brain fog lately! Haha. But enough of that! I’m back and I’m here with you on your journey of mental health and/or life progression.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 18.16.14

I saw this quote earlier and it inspired me to talk about all of the things that we sometimes forget to appreciate or love. Depression and feeling low can be a bastard to get rid of. It tries to consume you of anything good in your life. The thing is, if we allow ourselves to, we can get into this spiral where we forget to remember anything good. So it’s important to remember that there is always ALWAYS something to be positive and to smile about.

Things to appreciate and smile about:

​1. The sound of the kettle boiling, because it means you can hear
2. The view of the sun rise and sun set, because it means you can see
3. The smell of the food cooking in the oven, because it means you have food in your belly
4. The TV/ Radio playing in the background, because it means you have access to what’s going on in world
5. The feel of your heart beat, because it means you are alive
6. The rage of an argument, because it means you have somebody that you care about
​7. The sound of the phone ringing, because it means that people are there for you
8. Walking outside and feeling the grass between your toes, because it means you are fit and healthy enough to
9. The cold winters breeze and the warm summer evenings
10. The rain pouring and the trees outside, because our planet helps us survive
11. The bed that you get into at night, because it means that you are safe and have a roof over your head
12. The fact that you are reading this, because it means you’ve had a good enough education to be able to

Not really sure why there is 12. It’s just the amount that I was in the mood for today I think!

Wake up every morning and make sure that you find something to smile about. Always. ​

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