To my teenage self

Hello 16 year old me. I have a few things that I wish I could tell you.

Don’t worry so much about looking cool. Nobody will remember in a few years’ time anyway. Experiment with trends, friendships and hobbies whilst you can. Try everything.

Appreciate how easy life is when you’re in education, because being an adult is shitty and stressful. Don’t constantly wish to be older. It’s not as fun as it looks. Don’t get me wrong, it has its advantages and it’s wonderful to make new experiences but having no pressures is good too.

Your loved ones won’t always be around, so instead of spending time with friends that you’ll probably never see again when you leave school/college, spend more of your weekends with your family and creating memories. You’ll wish you had when you’re older.

Most of your friends will end up drifting away but that’s fine. It’s not about quantity of friends. It’s about quality.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. I know, right? Can you believe it?! Appreciate it more.

You are going to get your heart broken more than once and each time, it will feel different. Don’t let that stop you from loving others and sharing your heart. Just be mindful of who you trust, because not everybody is genuine.

Don’t try that cigarette.

People will let you down a lot. You will be disappointed and confused but you will also create some amazing experiences. Don’t be disheartened.

Your mum isn’t against you. She is on your side. 

Don’t rush into Sex. You have plenty of years to get into all of that.

People who laugh at you or bitch about you are intimidated by you. Laugh at them back.

Everything might feel like the end of the world, but this is just the beginning of your life. 

Stay active and healthy. 

Don’t change the way you look or act for a boy. Trust me, they really aren’t worth it and they never mature.

Don’t allow life to take away your confidence and passion. Stay true to yourself and keep hold of who you are.

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"keep it real, be yourself and love every second"

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